Create a feature that expresses your personality & style

Feature Brick

Feature Brick


Feature Brick creates bespoke high quality interior brick slip feature walls, through a complete design and fitting service.

From initial consultation, to collaboration throughout the project, to delivering your desired finished brick slip wall – we work with you every step of the way, to create the bold backdrop you want in your living or commercial space.

Whether you want warehouse inspired design, a shabby chic look or simply want to bring texture, warmth and character to a room – we have an extensive range of brick slip finishes that will enrich any space.

Express your personality and style. Create your unique brick slip feature wall with Feature Brick.

Dining Rooms

Advantageous & Durable


Transform the aesthetics and environment of your living or commercial space – whilst reducing ongoing costs – with a brick slip feature wall.

With minimal care required, brick slips enhance internal insulation and take up less space than a normal brick due to their slimmer and lighter design.

Choosing this iconic style could even increase the value of your property.

Our portfolio of brick slips look and feel just like real bricks, allowing you to create the desired finish of an authentic exposed brick wall.

Timeless To Modern


The kitchen is the focal point of any home. Give it the bold backdrop it deserves.

From timeless to modern interior, brick slip feature walls complement an array of kitchen styles.

At Feature Brick, we collaborate with you at every stage to create the perfect brick slip feature wall to match your kitchen design. Whether it be contemporary, country, industrial or vintage.

Living Rooms

Lounge in Style


Lounge in a setting that provides the ideal sanctuary to unwind in and entertain family and friends.

Simple and stylish, a brick slip feature wall adds unique texture and character, reflecting your personal taste.

With our wide choice of brick slips, we can create the picture perfect environment for you to lounge in your preferred style.

Serene Hideaway


Indulge your bathroom style with a brick slip feature wall that expresses the ambience you want to relax in.

From minimalist to luxury, Feature Brick can help you create your desired design.

Contemporary & Elegant

Contemporary To Elegant


Dramatic, dynamic and durable, brick slip feature walls transform any commercial space.

From a contemporary vibe in a bar, to an elegant style in a shop, our collection of brick slips will inspire the ambience of your space for customers and employees.